Online Workshops

Online Workshops

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Welcome to Back in Motion’s Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants online education center.

Our career counsellors have been helping newcomers get back into their pre-arrival profession for over 10 years. During this time, our experienced facilitators have delivered an overwhelming number of job search workshops. As technology became essential at breaking time and place barriers and our clients were impacted by conflicting work schedules or child care, it became apparent that an online education hub was necessary to meet the needs of the newcomers we serve.

The site allows our clients to go through workshops and complete the exercises included at their own pace. To register and complete a workshop, you must be a client of our Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants program. Connect with your career counsellor for more information about these workshops.


  1. Targeted Resume Writing Guide for Internationally Trained Professionals
  2. Essential Job Search Skills for Skilled Immigrants
  3. Power of Networking
  4. Skilled Immigrants Interview Preparation (Coming Soon)

Registration is required to access the Career Paths Workshops.

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