How to answer “What is your weakness?”

by admin

How to answer “What is your weakness?”

by admin

by admin

What is your weakness?

Interviews can make us feel nervous. Fortunately, there is a lot of prep we can do before going to an interview! Help prepare yourself by considering this question before your interview:

What is your weakness?

It sounds like an invitation to talk about how much of a perfectionist you are, or express your dedication to work, at the expense of your social life. Be careful though, this is a tricky question, and those types of answers may not score you any points.

When an interviewer asks this question, they are really looking for you to show your honestyinitiative and ability to self-improve.

To answer this question, find something you are genuinely struggling with, but that is not a core requirement for the job you are interviewing for. The key to this question is not dwelling on the issue. State your weakness, then start talking about what you have been doing to improve it.

Examples of general weaknesses and possible self-improvement strategies

Weakness: Fear of public speaking

Improvement Strategy: Attending/utilizing Toastmasters

Weakness: Lack of professional experience in desired industry

Improvement Strategy: Volunteering, self-teaching and/or gaining online certificates

Weakness: Trouble with communication

Improvement Strategy: Learn about cross cultural communication and/or practicing different ways of phrasing ideas with friends


Not every recruiter asks what your weaknesses are, but you can use the answer with a number of other interview questions, such as:

What would your former manager/team members say your weakness was?

What would be one thing you’d change about yourself?

What goals have you set for yourself this year?

What do people most criticize about you?


As a last thought, try to have five weaknesses prepared with good stories as examples. This way, the only thing to do before the interview is to match the weakness to the job description! Good Luck!