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Here’s what Deepmala had to say about her experience with Career Paths and finding meaningful employment

How did you find out about Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants? Any story about your first approach with the counselors?

A friend who had availed similar services informed me about it. After filling the form online, my initial contact was with Ramona, who was easy to speak with and gave the info what the program was about.

What services did you receive from Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants?

My Career counsellor helped me understand how the program works, what the job market looks like and what programs/courses will be the helpful to steer the career in the right direction. I was able to bridge the employability gap by working on my shortcomings and presenting my strengths strongly.
My Job developer helped me prepare for job interviews. They helped me understand what to expect and what was expected of me in the interviews. Mock interviews and self-assessment practice, as suggested by the job developer helped me go a long way.
I was able to attend sessions on various topics as organized by Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants on a timely basis to understand how the market functions, networking events and resume writing to be prepared before I dived in.
While the career counselor and job developer continued to guide me, they also ensured to be attentive with the details I shared. They were not only encouraging but also checked on me with the progress I was making with the interviews and bumps I faced along the way.

What did you find to be the most helpful part of Career Paths?

I was able to find and connect with professionals and amazing beings who helped me in getting prepared in this second instinct of my career by guiding me in the right direction and believing in me even when my faith in me was shaking.
I was able to attend useful workshops to prepare myself while I was searching for the job and even later on.

What challenges were you facing with regards to finding employment in your field and how did Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants help you overcome them? And how did the program help to overcome these barriers?

Primary challenges were:
• Lack of understanding of Canadian market
• Lack of Canadian experience
• Market slump as demand was low and supply of talent with experience in local market was high
Back in Motion Career Paths helped me choose the right program and supported me with the tuition as a step to bridge the gap in the Canadian market. Workshops provided insights on day-to-day activities in a day at work, and Canada in general. I was also able to work with my job developer to prepare myself for the interviews and build the confidence.

At some point you were suddenly unemployed and you worked really hard to find better opportunities, can you share some tips about your job search and learnings during that process?

It wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Soraya (career counsellor) and Sogol (job developer). I was able to reach out to them and once the initial shock sunk, with their support I was able to strategize and start a fresh. I could also notice the red flags and what could have been possible challenges with the company in the long run.

One thing I would like to share is not to hesitate to connect with contacts in your network and to market yourself well. While working with the existing contacts, continue to build new ones. Once I landed a full-time role in my field, I continued to build my professional network. They could be the talent I wanted to tap into in the future or to work with an employer of my liking. I was able to land decent interviews and had an overwhelming response from my network of recruiters once I had 3months of Canadian experience in my own field.

You mentioned that you had 12 interviews in one week, and some job offers you got. What was the most important thing for you to get from one employer?

I was looking for a company where I could see myself grow, but also where the organization values its people. Culture and growth opportunities are the most important things for me.

Are you satisfied with this job?

Very! 😊
Accenture, my current employer has been on my list of “companies to work for”. Also, while interviewing when I shared my career aspirations, the hiring manager, now my manager, didn’t show a concern.

How is this job utilizing your skills and experience?
I’m working as a recruiter, which is where my expertise lies with 7 years’ experience. I will be working on hiring for consultants and senior management level roles, eventually leading to stakeholder management. This is a step up in terms of roles I get to handle, from what I’ve done in the past and continue to work on managing stakeholders independently.

Do you have any comments that you want to add or something you think it is important to mention?
I don’t have anything to add but would like to thank the Back in Motion Career Paths team for helping me throughout and being there for me as a rock, for guiding me and believing in me.

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Meet Xueyang!

Xueyang arrived to Canada in September 2019.He holds a PhD. in Oncology from Southern Medical University in Guangzhou, China. Apart from his PhD, he also has a Master of Science degree in Cell Biology from the Ocean University of China and a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from Guangdong Ocean University.

He has more than 5 years of experience in the biological research industry. He worked at the Saliai Stem Cell Science and Technology Co. Ltd as an Immunocyte Department Manager in Guangzhou, China from 2016 to 2018 and before that as a Research & Development Assistant with the Allcare Biomedical Development Co. Ltd in Qingdao, China.

After his arrival to Canada, Xueyang was actively looking for work and sent a number of job applications within the biological research industry in Canada especially to organizations doing research in his area of interest (Oncology). He targeted a few universities in British Columbia as well as in Canada. Unfortunately he had no success in gaining related work.

He joined the Career Paths Program in January 2019 and his counselor guided him with a detailed plan for his job search, selecting potential employers and targeting his resume to match their organization’s objective.

His main focus was on developing an effective networking plan. Xueyang diligently followed his plan and reached out to organizations he was interested to work for.

After two weeks following this strategy Xueyang was invited for a Skype Interview with the University of Montreal. He prepared very carefully for the interview and practiced a mock interview with his counselor. He gained the confidence needed for the interview and was successful!

Based on his perfect presentation at the interview he was offered a position of a Post-doctoral fellow; a position that matches his work experience and education very well.

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Meet Dhaval!




Dhaval completed his Bachelor of Architecture in India. He came to Canada with extensive experience in Architecture and is a licensed architect through the Council of Architecture India, chartered architect through Royal Institute of British Architects, and LEED Green associate through US Green Building Council. He was seeking architectural work, but found he needed a license for this field.

Dhaval joined the Career Paths program to gain assistance in understanding licensing requirements and navigating the certification process with CACB and AIBC. Career Paths helped Dhaval with funding for some of these certificates.

Dhaval was eager to learn about cultural values, networking rules and workplace etiquette. With the help of his career counsellor, he was able to identify his strongest transferrable skills, improve his networking skills, practice a series of mock interview and use social media for job search, resume writing and interview skills. His hard work and following through with his action plan paid off, as he is now employed as Job Captain for A&W! He continues to work through the requirements needed to get certified as an architect in Canada.


“All my one-on-one interactions with Michaela (Career Paths Career Counsellor), regarding interview techniques & tips, regarding my resume review and updates and all my discussions right from the first meeting that I had with my employer till the negotiations, were very, very helpful. I would have surely stumbled multiple times had I not received her honest and productive feedback, which I took very positively and tried to improve upon my skills to perform better and grab the opportunity. Overall, she was an amazing support and someone to rely upon whenever in doubt. I had that level of comfort to call her for any small thing, which might look silly and people might judge you if you asked it to someone, but Michaela was always open to any questions and took it all with most sincerity even in the worst of her personal time. I think she was the most helpful part of the entire process. I am happy to have known someone like her.” – Dhaval

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Success Story: Meet Ramona!

Ramona moved to Canada from Romania and has now been here for two years. In her native country, she had a career as a travel journalist and communications officer. Like many newcomers to Canada, the beginning was not easy for Ramona, but she was determined to build her new life, step by step.  

She was very pro-active! First, she attended workshops, delivered by Avia-Work BC. Here she gained insight into the Canadian workplace culture and labour market. She then participated in the Pathways to Employment Program at MOSAIC, which enabled her to gain a certificate in office administrationShe also volunteered for organizations such as Richmond Multicultural Community Services, Canadian Red Cross and Richmond Public Library, which gave her Canadian work experience!





Ramona accepted a job as a sale associate at Home Depot and in her spare time she worked on her English skills by taking a Business Communication English course at BCIT. Meanwhile, she was still continuing her efforts to find a job related to her skills. Finally, through the contacts she made at Richmond Public Library, Ramona learned about Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants!
Ramona worked with her career counsellor to identify barriers to finding employment. Her biggest challenge was due to a lack of local resources, professional contacts and industry information. To overcome these challenges, Ramona attended Career Paths workshops and networking events. Career Paths also helped the enhancement of her office skills by providing financial support for bookkeeping and payroll training.
Ramona’s first opportunity came when she was offered a 6 week, temporary contract as a program assistant for Back in Motion Rehab. She was eager to grab the opportunity as it was her first step toward a brighter future! The position was extended, and she has moved into a permanent position!




“I would like to thank the Career Paths team who helped me with the process of finding meaningful employment in CanadaIt is a great program and I found here, a very warm and supportive team, therefore I will always recommend Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants to other newcomers. I will guide them to follow their career counsellor’s advice step by step and to attend all “in-house” training.
I am grateful for all the governmental programs that I followed and it is amazing how good and efficient they work together to help newcomers, so I would like to give help backI am proud to be part of the Back in Motion team, whose mission “helping people work, helping people live” is also my life mission,” – Ramona

Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants thrives off your referrals! Our aim is to help newcomers in situations similar to Ramona’s, so if you know someone who might need our help, tell them about us! 




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Omar’s Story

Meet Omar.


Omar’s story is complex and unusual, but it has aspects that are relatable to so many job seekers in Canada.

While working as a Health and Safety Officer on construction sites in Colombia he discovered some suspicious activities that made him fear for his life. He left Columbia and decided to enter Canada. He is now a refugee claimant hoping he will be allowed to stay as a permanent resident.


“The program has been very helpful in understanding my needs in pursuing my career goals and finding ways to approach that. Thank you so much BiM, thank you Career Paths and most of all thank my career counsellor!” – Omar

In order to survive, Omar quickly found work at a warehouse, but got injured and had to stop working. He approached a WorkBC center for help with his job search and from his Case Manager learned about Career Paths. He found that our program was the most suitable to his job search needs and joined the program.

Following a review with his employer, Omar has been promoted from a Safety Administration Assistant to a Project Manager. Moreover, with continued support and partial funding from Career Paths, Omar is also working towards completing a number of qualifications that will allow him to re-enter his original profession!


If, like Omar, you are an immigrant in Canada and need help attaining work in the profession you are trained, educated or experienced in, then you can contact our team to see how they can help you.

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July 26th – 27th : Settlement in Canada Online Fair – Join us!

Back in Motion Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants is excited to be participating in the first Settlement in Canada Online Fair!

Meet influential settlement experts from a wide range of industries, employment sectors and education fields.

By taking the time to attend the online fairs and meeting with these settlement experts you will be able to launch your career to the next level.  As a newcomer to Canada, you cannot afford to miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Register online TODAY!

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July 25th – Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants Info Session

ISSofBC, Back in Motion & DIVERSEcity presents: Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants : Information Session 

Make the move into BC’s workforce with skills upgrading, mentorship and Canadian work experience!

Skilled immigrants often lack Canadian credentials, preventing them from working in their field of expertise. Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants will help you access funding for BC certifications or courses to meet Canada’s job requirements.

Program Benefits Include:

  • Career Planning & Job Search Workshops
  • Credential Evaluation
  • Occupation-specific language training
  • Funded skills training and upgrading
  • Mentorship, networking & employer connections
  • Work placement

When: Tuesday, July 25th, 2017. 4pm – 6pm. Please arrive early! Please bring your resume and Permanent Residency Card for the pre-screening process.

Where: Surrey City Centre Library – Room #120 – 10350 University Dr. Surrey, BC

How to register: Register by emailing or by calling 604.590.4021