4 Dimensions of Well-being that Influence your Career

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4 Dimensions of Well-being that Influence your Career

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Have you ever thought about how deeply your career is connected to your well-being in all its four main components: Physical, Psychological, Spiritual and Family health? Why does emotional stress and some of your thoughts (the negative ones) affect your body and eventually result in physical illness? Moreover, do you notice that physical activity improves and strengthens your psyche?



We would like to invite you to do a self-reflection exercise to discover how these components work together in your life, and influence each other.

How does the spiritual awareness help you make effective career decisions?

Why is the physical and psychological health sensitively influenced by stress and unhappiness in your career or at your work place?

How did the family you grew up in influence the career choices you’ve made?

Te Whare Tapa Wha

Inspired by the Maori philosophy, a tribe from New Zeeland, Dr Mason Durie developed the Te Whare Tapa Wha model, a great tool which can help you to develop your self-awareness about your career and the balance of a healthy life.

To illustrate the importance of each dimension of health, he used a very expressive symbol: Wharenui – the meeting house, whose visualization leads to a better understanding of the role of each component in holding the whole construction.  Click here to see the model.

Physical health is the foundation of strong construction, represented by the walls. They should be strong, but without a roof and windows, they cannot actually offer a proper space for living.

Psychological and Spiritual components are represented by windows which permit the light (of wisdom) to enter the house. Only in the light we can distinguish objects and colours, so only in the spiritual light of our main values we can understand meanings and emotions, and consequently we can make the right decisions in life and career.

Family is represented by the roof, offering protection and security and also the old generation offer models to the young family members, influencing their career.

In normal life conditions, as Dr. Durie says, all four components must be strong, balanced, and interconnected to hold the whole structure. However, there are extreme situations where the physical and psychological health can be deeply affected by improper life conditions, but the spiritual component offers a strong motivation, based on strong values, for fighting and continuation of life.

Certainly, a proper understanding of the importance of each health component can help us keep a good life balance and harmony, including career development.

If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Durie’s model, click here.

Written by Ramona Bandrabur, Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants