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How to answer “What is your strength?”



Interviews can make us feel nervous. Fortunately, there is a lot that we can do before going to an interview! Help prepare yourself by considering this question before your interview:

What is your strength?

It sounds like an invitation to talk about those superb skills you think they need, and you know you have. Be careful though, this is a tricky question that deserves attention. Be specific, be relevant and be prepared to give an example!


Step 1: Think of the thing you believe to be your strength. Now think more specifically. Try to recall an experience that can be used as a relevant example for the position you are interviewing for. If you don’t have any experiences that are relevant to the position, think about how you can connect an unrelated experience.

Example: As a waiter, you could carry 5 plates without a spill. This is not relevant for a security officer interview. However, the ability to quickly connect and communicate with any patron, proven by the number of repeat clients requesting you as a waiter, demonstrates transferable skills that can be used in a security position.

Step 2: Try to demonstrate your strength by talking about any awards, training, special recognition you received or quantifiable goals you met.

Example: If your strength is in sales, talk about how often you met your sales targets or how often you exceeded them and by how much. This allows the interviewer to relate your experience to their business goals.


Not every recruiter asks what your strengths are, but you can use the answer with a number of other interview questions, such as:

What do you think you can bring to the company?

Why should we hire you?

If I call your supervisor, what will they say about you?

As a last thought, try to have between five to ten strengths prepared with good stories as examples. This way, the only thing to do before the interview is to match the strength to the job description! Good Luck!


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October 2nd – Job Searching On Social Media

Did you know that social media can be an additional resource for finding job leads?

At this event, you’ll get to network with other professional immigrants and learn about how to use social media to your advantage during the job search.

Gain an insider perspective from human resource professionals, who will share insights into how they recruit new employees using social media. We’ll also be joined by career experts and a social media specialist, who will share their knowledge on how to conduct a job search on social media. There will also be lots of opportunities to ask questions!

BONUS: Wear your business attire and have a free professional photo taken for your LinkedIn profile!

We will be providing coffee, tea and sandwiches at this event.


WHEN: Tuesday, October 2nd | 02:30pm-04:30pm

WHEN: Career Paths Richmond, 110-6651 Elbridge Way, V7C 5C2



Free parking is available at the venue.


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Career Paths TV Commercial on OMNI

Watch for our new TV commercial on OMNI’s Rompost TV starting on September 2, 2018.

Rompost TV reflects on Canadians of Romanian background with a weekly hour-long program made up of various segments for greatest appeal to the different interests, tastes and age groups within the community.

Rompost TV broadcast times:

Sundays at 1:00 p.m.
Monday at 7:00 a.m. (repeats)
Tuesday at 8:00 a.m. (repeats)

OMNI Television can be found here:

Telus – Channel 119 (HD)
Shaw – Channel 8 and 214 (HD)
Bell ExpressVu across Canada – Channel 254

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Success Story: Meet Ramona!

Ramona moved to Canada from Romania and has now been here for two years. In her native country, she had a career as a travel journalist and communications officer. Like many newcomers to Canada, the beginning was not easy for Ramona, but she was determined to build her new life, step by step.  

She was very pro-active! First, she attended workshops, delivered by Avia-Work BC. Here she gained insight into the Canadian workplace culture and labour market. She then participated in the Pathways to Employment Program at MOSAIC, which enabled her to gain a certificate in office administrationShe also volunteered for organizations such as Richmond Multicultural Community Services, Canadian Red Cross and Richmond Public Library, which gave her Canadian work experience!





Ramona accepted a job as a sale associate at Home Depot and in her spare time she worked on her English skills by taking a Business Communication English course at BCIT. Meanwhile, she was still continuing her efforts to find a job related to her skills. Finally, through the contacts she made at Richmond Public Library, Ramona learned about Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants!
Ramona worked with her career counsellor to identify barriers to finding employment. Her biggest challenge was due to a lack of local resources, professional contacts and industry information. To overcome these challenges, Ramona attended Career Paths workshops and networking events. Career Paths also helped the enhancement of her office skills by providing financial support for bookkeeping and payroll training.
Ramona’s first opportunity came when she was offered a 6 week, temporary contract as a program assistant for Back in Motion Rehab. She was eager to grab the opportunity as it was her first step toward a brighter future! The position was extended, and she has moved into a permanent position!




“I would like to thank the Career Paths team who helped me with the process of finding meaningful employment in CanadaIt is a great program and I found here, a very warm and supportive team, therefore I will always recommend Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants to other newcomers. I will guide them to follow their career counsellor’s advice step by step and to attend all “in-house” training.
I am grateful for all the governmental programs that I followed and it is amazing how good and efficient they work together to help newcomers, so I would like to give help backI am proud to be part of the Back in Motion team, whose mission “helping people work, helping people live” is also my life mission,” – Ramona

Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants thrives off your referrals! Our aim is to help newcomers in situations similar to Ramona’s, so if you know someone who might need our help, tell them about us! 




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Newcomers Networking Event Recap

June 19th | Career Paths Richmond powered up with Avia Employment Services for a Newcomers Networking Event.

Everyone attending was encouraged to practice their networking skills and hand out their resumeSome jumped into introducing themselves to the local business leaders, who had set up booths, while others mingled with fellow newcomersSeveral employers voiced their enthusiasm for the chance to meet Newcomers from their community and expressed satisfaction for the number of resumes they received!

Businesses at the event included:
National Bank of Canada | Looking to hire for CSR and FSR positions.
River Rock Casino | Seeking Cashiers, Baristas, Chefs and Human Resource staff.
Arista | Hiring for Security Analysts and Software Engineers.
Aerotek | Recruiting Accounting and Finance, Engineering, Skilled Trade, Clinical and Scientific positions.
Re:Function Health Group | Looking for Physiotherapists.

Also participating: Sprott Shaw Community CollegeThe Big Picture CoachHayden Diamond Bit IndustriesInterface Architecture and Vancity.

A further thank you to the employers who generously donated prizes, with congratulations to those who won them!

We are always looking to provide our clients with the most productive events possible, so tell us what you would find interesting! We’re looking for helpful suggestions that can inspire our next set of events! Send your thoughts to the Career Paths team at
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Congratulations to…! Plus Another chance to win!

A massive congratulations from our team to Qaiser, who referred a friend and won our first referral contest! Enjoy your $100 gift card Qaiser! 



“Thank you so much for the gift and it is always a pleasure meeting with the Back in Motion team. Once again thank you to Back in Motion management!” – Qaiser Jamil


Do you know an immigrant who is looking for work? 


Refer a friend, family member or someone you know, that has been in Canada for less than 5 years, and one of you could win a $100 gift certificate!


To win, you and your friend/family member just need to complete our Referral Form! Both of you will be entered to win, but the more referrals YOU make, the more chances YOU have to win!


Get your referral in by October 31st, 2018.

Winner will be announced in November!


Please refer to the Competition Terms and Conditions before submitting your entry.

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Teachers and Instructors Information Session Recap

June 14th | Career Paths Surrey held an information session, attended by 29 teachers and instructors and two guest speakers.

Our first speaker was Shawn from the Teacher’s Regulation BranchHe has more than 14 years’ experience in the area of teacher regulation, certification and credential assessmentHis experience enabled him to provide in-depth answers to the questions from our clients who wish to teach in Canada.

Our second speaker was VirenderShe is an internationally trained teacher, who taught in Delhi and became a Special Education Assistant when she moved to BCShe shared details of her daily work life, the joys and challenges of her role and thoughts on the direction of her future career. Her journey and motivation was an inspiration to many who listened to her.

We also had a bonus asset in the form of Career Paths client Rajdeep! She is internationally-trained and working as an Elementary School TeacherShe introduced herself and stayed after the event to make herself available as a resource for other instructors seeking to teach at university or college level. After the event, there was a line-up of instructors waiting to talk to her!

A special thank you to Rajdeep, our speakers Shawn and Virender and everyone else who came to listen to their talks!

We are always looking to provide our clients with the most productive events possible, so tell us what you would find interesting! Send us helpful suggestions and thoughts that can inspire our next set of events to the Career Paths team at

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August 23rd – Join us for the hottest event of the summer!

Celebrate the sunny season with the Career Paths community; clients, family & friends, staff, local business representatives and agencies.


At this fun, casual event, you’ll be able to:

– Hear Career Paths clients share the secrets of their success

– Sip on an ice cold drinks to beat the heat

– Enjoy finger food and ice cream

– Get involved with family-friendly party games and networking activities

BONUS: Wear your brightest summer clothes to win a prize!


WHEN: Thursday, August 23rd | 04:00pm-06:00pm

WHERE: Career Paths Surrey, 110-7525 King George Boulevard



*By registering for this event we can ensure we have enough treats for everyone!