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Many BC immigrants have skills and experience in occupations where there are shortages of qualified workers, but are often unable to access these jobs in BC. Back in Motion’s Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants provides occupation-specific resources and support to help immigrant job seekers move into careers that match their qualifications. Career Paths is a free service offered under the WelcomeBC umbrella, funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia.

Upgrade Your Skills

Skilled immigrants often lack Canadian credentials, preventing them from working in their field of expertise. Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants will help you access funding for BC certifications or courses to meet Canada’s job requirements.

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Gain Work Experience

As an immigrant, you have likely received feedback that you lack Canadian work experience. Our Career Paths Work Placement Services will help you gain this valuable experience.

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Access Mentorship

New immigrants often lack a professional network when they arrive in BC. Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants will match you with a mentor, who will provide connections, coaching and resources related to your occupation.

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Helping people work. Helping people live.

Throughout our 23-year history of providing services to BC jobseekers, we have initiated and strengthened relationships with BC employers across a wide variety of sectors.

We will find targeted opportunities to match your experience, knowledge, and skills. These work placements will help you gain Canadian work experience, and make you more employable.